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ContentTypeRegistry , ContentTypeRegistryPredicate

Putfactory registration tool interface.

$Id: ContentTypeRegistry.py,v 1.5 2003/01/06 20:37:31 yuppie Exp $

class ContentTypeRegistry

Registry for rules which map PUT args to a CMF Type Object.


findTypeName(name, typ, body):

Perform a lookup over a collection of rules, returning the the Type object corresponding to name/typ/body. Return None if no match found.

class ContentTypeRegistryPredicate

Express a rule for matching a given name/typ/body.

Return a snipped of HTML suitable for editing the predicate; the snippet should arrange for values to be marshalled by ZPublisher as a :record, with the ID of the predicate as the name of the record.

The registry will call the predictate's edit method, passing the fields of the record.


__call__(name, typ, body):

Return true if the rule matches, else false.


Return a human-readable label for the predicate type.